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Here’s some good stuff with Naked Raygun. song: Hips Swingin’:
Hey you little South American Spanish speakin’ country
Watch me as I whip some political advisors right on ya
You’ll still have a bit of your own personality left
Don’t you worry this kind of thing happens all the time

N-R again, Song: The Sniper Song

Banging on the inside
Trying to get out

It’s not all this trash that blows around my feet
It might be this day it might be this heat
And it’s all these idiots that are bothering me
with their drivelling prattle and their useless critiques

So now I know where snipers come from
A man weighted down by too heavy a load
So now I know where snipers come from
Peering down through the scope with an amoral code.

Funny, the Hips Swingin song came out around the Ollie North/Contra mess, but you can still see relevance today. In the Sniper Song. I feel that tune was just a wee bit too accurate in depicting the times to come.

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