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5 it is. I’ll try and keep it to one per band.

SP – Pennies [Zero EP] – "And I stumbled onto you, as you stumbled over me, and you said the fates were cruel, for throwing us together, oh oh, I always loved you so, especially when you go. All the world must know, that I love you so. It’s a pity we’re apart, it’s a shame you broke my heart. But I got a new girlfriend, she looks alot like you dear- oh, wait, no other could ever do dear. All the world must know that I love you so. Especially when you go. Especially when you go – go away and leave me here and go away and leave me alone." {That was a bit more then "a" lyric, I suppose.}

NIN – That’s What I Get [Pretty Hate Machine] – "Maybe didn’t mean that much, but it meant everything to me."

Weezer – My Name Is Jonas [Weezer 1994] – "Come sit next to me, pour yourself some tea, just like Grandma made, when we couldn’t find kitty. Things were better then, once but never again…"

Filter – The Best Things [Title Of Record] – "Everyone of you can be the same, everyone of you can play this game."

Radiohead – The Bends [The Bends] – "I’m just lying in a bar with my drink feed on, talking to my girlfriend, waitingfor something to happen. I wish it was the 60’s, I wish I could be happy, I wish, I wish, I wish that something would happen."