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Robyn Hitchcock definitely belongs in this thread:

Ted, Woody, and Junior
Were disappointments to their fathers
But they had a way with lather
And they covered each other with soap
covered each other with soap
(Ted, Woody, & Junior)

Listen baby, there ain’t nothing in here but my own sweet mind
If it bothers you, we can turn it off
(Wading through A Ventilator)

He’d never make love to a loaf of bread
Unless of course he found one in his bed
Now frogs are reproducing on your back
And bubbles keep emerging from a crack
It’s not a cormorant it’s not a shag
It’s only something in a plastic bag

I got a dog with the legs are black
He got an aerial strapped to his back
he work by remote control
I sent him down to the water hole
I sent him to get my baby back
Dog comes back and eat some coal
he says master she all full of holes
I say more than usual? dog says yeah
I say never you mind, just bring her here
(Wey wey hep uh hole)

It was in the city of shapes
That she made love to several apes
She felt weird for a couple of days
Pretty soon she got used to their ways
(City Of Shame)

my cousin bruce came round to stay
the father of my son
he tore apart a stethoscope
and pointed at the sun
‘there’s tentacles between our worlds,’
he said, ‘so i believe’
i said, ‘the man next door’s best friend
was making videos with clean steve’
(Clean Steve)

Oh, there’s so much more .. even better ones I’m sure .. but I’ll shut up now.