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-"i dipped my toe in this cold, cold life…"–jawbreaker(blake schartztenbach)

-"today i woke up sucking a lemon.."–RADIOHEAD (thom york)

-"hello, my name is on my shirt pocket
i don’t feel like speaking right now
i’m remembering something…
most typically my dreams are dreadfully boring
therefore i come to these places just to see the girls
with hair like hers
with clothes like she wore
with smells like hers
with handwriting like hers…
you wrote me little letters
and that time you brought lunch to my work
the little poem you left on my windshield wrapped in plastic…
to protect it from the rain
protect it from the rain…"–GRANDADDY

-"it was the biggest cock she’d ever seen
but she had no idea where that cock had been
you said you were carefull
but you never were with me
you said you did it 4 times
but johnny’s come in packs of 3…"–ARAB STRAP (aidann moffett)

sorry for the vulgarity, but i think these lyrics are straight to the point, and from the heart…bitterly!