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This isn’t a line from a song but from a wicked guitar player Wayne Kramer

The internet is punk as f*ck, its about change. It’s a revolt against the old order…Access to the whole wide world of music from our living rooms…Punk as F*ck.

Also provides his definition of Punk and a very cool disclaimer

Punk, as an attitude was meant to break out of the status quo, to throw away old tired idealogies. And for me punk is about stretching music into new and exciting directions.

Who really cares what my or anyones definition of punk is or isn’t. All that matters is what’s in the grooves…PERIOD.

Well said thats for sure, coming from one of the so called godfathers of Punk.

Some song lines that are currently thrilling me

Bob Mould…Moving Trucks

Today is the day I forget all about it
It’s over don’t worry about it
Today I can open the window
Today is the day I can Fly

Bob Mould…Sweet Serene

I needed the rain to wash away indifference
I needed the wind to air out the differences
I needed the sun to warm up my spirits
I need these elements to feel somewhat centered

Bob definitely more positive…cool. So looking forward to his new release…hopefully in September.