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Since Will oldham is in the songwriting poll I thought I`d mention some of his lyrics:

Palace Brothers-Meaulnes
"He came by the way of the half million murders,he came by the way of a long list of ironies,he came by the way of the road to Soiux City,he came by the way of the half breeds and lesbians."
"He knew it was in there but still was`nt happy he knew that it was less than the way that it should be,but undaunted unshaven an eagle(or ego) in britches,he set out again to unveil the earths riches."

Palace Brothers-West Palm Beach
"The surf has swallowed him up he`s a memory now,the water is warmer than it has been in weeks,grandma lives just down the road she`s making supper for me tonight,she`s been nice to me since 73 when her son lost his lights,now his ghost is a host rising above the mighty blur,soon some maid would swoon and his soul would capture her,he`s still a fine kid with all that he did he`s a fan of mine."

Palace Music-Weaker Soldier
"Once I was a weaker soldier hanging in the war,but I left like an ape,folded neatly in four."

Palace Brothers-O how I enjoy the light
"O how I despise it,O how I enjoy the light,for the first morning forever,wisdom wealth tag on like afterbirth."