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Allison-is "The Whole of The Law" an Only Ones song?Yo La Tengo covered it on their Painful album,it`s credited to Peter Parrett(sorry if I spelled that wrong),maybe it`s a Parrett solo tune.Never see anything by the Only Ones around here.
Was at the music store this morning,All the early Ramones albums are being reissued and remastered,saw the first 4 albums this morning,$24.99 each.they have alot of bonus stuff on it,Leave home has a 76 concert included on it.

Here`s some more lyrics:

Tom Waits-Hold on
"Go ahead and call the cops,you don`t meet nice girls in coffee shops"

"You build it up and wreck it down,and you burn your mansion to the ground."

Husker Du-Crystal
"Civilization falls in it`s grave,technology throws over the dirt."(used that one on a exam in high school)

-Private Plane
"Hope is a private plane"(used that in high school but changed hope to success)

Uncle Tupelo-Nothing
"Don`t call it nothing,this might be all you`ll ever have"

"Fight fire with only matches,for my respective trenches"

Neil Young-Thrasher
"They had the best selection,they were poisoned with protection."
-Piece Of Crap
"They cut the forest down to build a piece of crap."

Versus-Bright Light
"I`m sick from meloncholia,my fever is like the sun,I threw up 7 times a day,please make it go away."