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"Creeping round my house at dawn
I keep my curtains closed
If you´re feeling fond of feeling wrong
fully clothed"

I really love that, don´t know why really, probably because it´s from the most beautiful song of all time.

Also great:
"Maybe I pretend to see
what you need to make you be"
(th faith healers: everything, all at once forever)

And, of course there are so many classics from Half man Half biscuit:
for example:
"There is nothing better in life than writing on the sole of your slipper with a biro"
(The best things in Life)
"Mention the Lord of the Rings one more time
And I’ll more than likely kill you."
(Dickie Davis Eyes)

Well I heard a lovely rumor,
That Bette Midler had a tumor

kills me every time

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