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The Archers always have alot of cool lyrics.
That line from Pavement`s "Gold Soundz" was a great choice Javro.

Here`s some more from me:

Spinanes-Azure-"another season of cunning dipshits everwhere"

Shudder To Think-The Man Who Rolls
"There`s a coffin grate in a self enstated strewn up gated hovel"

Guided By Voices-I Am A Scientist
"I am a lost soul,I shoot myself with rock and roll;The hole I dig is bottomless but nothing else can set me free"

Geraldine Fibbers-Dragon Lady
"kick em all in the family jewels,we`ll watch their guts enfold and we`ll rob a 7-11 and hit the road."
"I still miss the smell of that dead skunk on the Pasadena freeway."

Red Red Meat-Braindead
"Jody Foster John The Baptist not a waitress left in sight"

-Chain Chain Chain
"Low flying jets skimmed your bed,temptation loses you again"

Throwing Muses-Vicki`s box
"I only love pieces of things that I hate"
-Hate My Way
"A boy was tangled in his bike forever,a girl was missing two fingers,Geri Ann was confused, Mr. Hubert,he had a gun in his head."

Mary Lou Lord-?????
"Country is for bumpkins is all she said,she likes Smashing Pumpkins she`ll break one on your head"

Buffalo Tom-Baby
"I`m hiding your lies and I`m digging "New Day Rising" "
-Won`t Be Denied
"This city is not my own,this world is not my home."
"where for art thou,Johnny Carson.Retired and never coming back"

Tom Waits-Tango Till They`re Sore
"Make sure she`s all in calico,like the color of a doll,wave the flag on caddilac day and a skillet on the wall,cut me a switch or hold your breath until the sun goes down,write my name on the hood and send me off to another town."
"I lived on nothing but dreams and train smoke"

Velvet Underground-Heroin
"All you jim jims in this town,everybody putting everyone else down,all the politicians making vicious sounds,all the dead bodies piled up in mounds."