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Talk about good timing DFK, I am scouting out a laptop as well. Think I will take the advice of just getting the basic laptop for road work etc. My huge concern is durability…ie I am a huge clutz, everything hits the floor eventually. Why can’t these things be encased in some sort of super ball material…bounce right back up to you with zippo damage. God my discman landed in a tray of paint…think I will check out ebay for one of those cheapo jobs ELJ mentioned…to start with anyways.


Javro…all apologies but I was pretty pleased Ivanisevic finally won, until I heard some of his post win interviews…yikes!!!! Heard a great show with Jim Rome…american sports guy…dissing Ivanisevic for about 20 minutes…did he really show up for a rally in a speedo???? Too Odd!! [img]images/smiles/converted/eek.gif[/img]