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Cool story Allison,if I met Grant Hart I`d be so nervous I`d spill root beer over him!Actually that time when I met that old guy,I bought the Nova Mob album from 94 a week before for $7.99 in a delete bin.
I never met any famous or semi famous musicians,I know one local guy who plays in a alt country band,they`re doing really well,they got nominated for a Juno award I think or some kind of country music award,the country video station does`nt even play them!quite a feat!They also played on the Mike Bullard show(can`t stand that guy).
I was always hoping I`d meet Eric`s Trip in town here,but that never happened,I heard once on the radio that this girl and her boyfriend met Julie from Eric`s Trip and was really nice to them and took photographs of them,Julie published a book of her pictures in 1999,I just found out about it last night,I`m going to try to look for it.
My Mom`s met alot of cool people,she almost met Johnny Cash but he was in his dressing room,she met his wife and the Carter Family.I think I mentioned before that she met the Ventures.
Conway Twitty once flew over my house in a helicopter though.
I heard once that Sonic Youth played here in the early 80`s,but nobody remembers much,they were too drunk too remember,SY in those days were so noisy,drinking was problably the only way they got through it,they played at a local art school.