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The Kurt Fedora chat was not too long after the original Sebadoh meeting.

It happened to be only a matter of days between the Sebadoh gig and the J Mascis solo acoustic gig (both incidently at the same venue). Kurt Fedora was playing back up rhythm guitar for Mascis but also did a solo set of his own which was quite beautiful, he played a Nick Drake track (Things Behind the Sun) and also a J mascis track from the Film Gas Food Lodging.

J had been in the audience watching Fedora and a lot of kids were approaching him which he seemed okay with. They were asking him for plectrums and stuff though which is kinda wack so I decided not to meet my ultimate axe wrestling hero…

as it was Kurt played on approx. two trax when j was on stage for the rest of the time he was stood in the audience near myself.

at the end of the show I struck up a conversation about Gobblehoof…he was impressed that someone in the UK actually knew of the band…so he told a few Gobblehoof stories and I also asked him what Murph was doing…he said he was playing in a new band (can’t remember the name now). I said i recognised the Nick Drake and Gas Food Lodging stuff..he was really happy that I knew this and it felt good to know that I made Kurt Fedora feel as famous as J for a brief while.

the Steve Shelley story is slightly bizarre and kind of rolls into the David Pajo story which is kinda kool.