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about 6 years ago i went to see Sebadoh and Smog at a place called the Boardwalk in Manchester UK. this was a apretyy kool gig in itself and got even kooler when Smog (tee totallers) gave their alcohol rider to the crowd. then they played an ace gig.

Then Sebadoh came out and were really charged they played all my favs and then asked if anyone would like to do karaoke…to which my friend Xian got up and sang Really Insane it was awesome.

After the show we were going to a party at another club and the guy who’s party it was managed to invite Sebadoh and they turned up. We got chatting to Lou and Jason and Bob Fay and it was a pretty good laugh. Someone had video’d the gig and Bob said he’d send us a copy of the vid with my friend singing…this never happened unfortunately…

I saw Lou again a few years later and tried to strike up a conversation but he was being a bit aloof (as Sebadoh had gained in popularity).

I always try and chat to rock stars most of the time they’re okay…I think you shouldn’t be scared of them.

I even talked to Ian MacKaye (king of straight-edge) when i was really drunk once. he seemed very nice.