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Eggwater-I like to hear your Mogwai stories,did you get into any Slint discussions with them?Chris from Come would be cool to hear about too.
Time for my Lou Barlow story;there`s alot of Lou fans so I thought I`d talk about a bizzare night at the local college station in Sept 93.
I did`nt get to see Lou play,he played one night with Eric`s Trip also on the bill,and the next day in the afternoon.I think I was busy both those days and missed seeing him both times.
The 2nd day he played,that night he was invited by a local musician,to come up to the college station to be on his show.Lou and his then fiance Kath agreed and at 10 that night I got to hear Lou and Kath and the show`s host play some tunes,talk and Lou played acoustic versions of "Homemade" and "2 Years 2 Days".I don`t remember the first tune they played but the 2nd was Fugazi`s"Bull Dog Front",the guy played the band he was in for Lou and Kath also.The guy kept saying cool when talking to Lou,then some guy on the phone called and Lou answered,the guy said stop saying cool.Kath suggested that they play tunes with cool in the title like Kool Thing!(strange that Allison called this thread that and I mention this)Anyway I remember them playing MBV`s "Honey Power"which Lou liked.Kath and Lou requested some tunes-Bikini Kill`s "Rebel Girl",Palace Brothers,Pain Teens-"Anorexic",King Kong-"Uh Oh",they also wanted to hear Nirvana because they were going to play Saturday Night Live that night.
The guy who wanted the cool repetitions to stop also claimed he and his friend was in a limosine driving around.A local hip hop group called up to ask Lou a question,what the hell is that 4 string guitar you play?Lou explained it was the guitar he had that he learned on,the rapper also asked Lou if he was confused the night before or was it the people talking too loud while he was playing,Lou said the guys who were talking and not paying attention were annoying but he did`nt want to lay a primadonna trip on them and say"SHUT UP".
They also did a giveaway contest on a Lou 7 inch-"The Mysterious Sentridoh EP"the question was who is the band that Hole covered-"Over The Edge".No one got it!,not even me!at that point I knew very little indie knowledge until they played the actual band,it was the Wipers.
A strange night to hear a hip hop crew talking to Lou!or two guys in a limo talking to Lou.Lou never came back here!maybe that first show kinda pissed him off about here.we get very little bands touring around here,I don`t think J ever played here,or at least not to my knowledge.
I think Americans think it`s a backwards Canadian town with alot of fishermen.