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That song is Richard Buckner`s Ocean Cliff Clearing.He`s a folk/alt country artist from northern California,he played in punk bands as a teenager and a country rock band and eventually went solo acoustic,he released his first album around 94-95,Bloomed,produced by Lloyd Maines,a Texas pedal steel guitar player,he played on Uncle Tupelo`s Anodyne and Wilco`s AM;if the Maines name sounds familar it`s because his daughter is in the Dixie Chicks.
In 96 Buckner released Devotion And Doubt on MCA records,his major label debut and in 98 followed with Since,that`s where that song I typed the lyrics is from.I think he got dropped by MCA after that,he`s not commercial country material,last year he released on a small indie The Hill,based on the Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters,a early 20th century writer who wrote about actual events in a small Illinois town,not exactly happy material,Buckner turns the text into songs-a man catches his wife cheating on him and gets shot by the other man;a drunken man beaten by a judge when he stumbles on his property by accident;a pregnant woman overdosing on morphine,etc.

You can check out some of Richard Buckner`s
songs at tinytelephone.com they have some tracks from Since and some live songs including a Pavement song-"Here".

One thing I found out that was cool is he now lives in Canada,he met a woman from Alberta and moved there.