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"It`s been 10 years now
since the lights went down
I was coming out of the sick room suite
the name was faint
but her spark was fine
and there were no longer any shadows
left to follow me
from the poor lil changer
that fades away
and at late
a message from a diamond
and she`s smokin on
He thought he had a handle
but the load went down
busted up ,found,and broken out
and in the AM,chalky light?
another half day unmoved
a lost turn packed
in a knockando roller
with the note and the news
a showboat motel
Casper night
The river`s high and losing
I`ll watch her flaming figure fly
and burn out at your ruins
as felt belt out a warning
of some Spainish house I`ve known
cut to the bone
quick to the cue"