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Even more Therapy?

Gimme something to breathe
Give me a reason to live
Close your eyes and see
What you had inside
I think I’ve gone insane
I can’t remember my own name
I think I’ve gone insane

You’re a tin god
Take a look at the gaps in your palms
Gimme those nails
Bang them in, bang them in!

Idiots authority
Promising equality
So where is the land of the free?
Stop it you’re killing me

You get drunk every night
You can’t get drunk on life
Shouting at the world you’ll never change
But it’s what’s inside you’ve got to rearrange

Mother, I tried to believe me
I’m doing the best things that I can
I’m ashamed of the things that I’ve been put through
I’m ashamed of the person who I am
But if you could just see the beauty
These things I could never describe
Pleasurable ways of distraction
This is my wanting cry
Isolation, isolation

In the afternoon, riding the scapegoat.
Burning equipment, decomposing.
Kick off your sweats and cool off your jet.
I got a funny feeling,
they got plastic in the afterlife.
When they want you to cry,
leap into the sky.
When they suck your mind,
like a pigeon you fly.
I know, I know,
it’s the positive people running from their time.

Your brains went black,
when she took back her love
and put it out into the sun.
The birds did fly
and the heavens all went dry
and the cigarettes was smoking
by themselves.
She’ll do anything, she’ll do anything
to make you feel like an asshole.