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K7 Rides Again

love the johnny cash.
Use to go to a bar on Monday’s and we invariably fell into the burning ring of fire everytime. They would play it and my one buddy had to sing along every f*ck*n time. So funny when you’re drunk.

you know it’s really about VD right? The whole burning down the forrest was just some BS cover story so Johnny would still be eligible for the ladies. [img]images/smiles/converted/wink.gif[/img]

-"Whatever’s cool with me"-get’s me through the day when I don’t feel like making a decision

-"if you’re so special why aren’t you dead"-back to my roommate on his high horse

-It’s been a while since I’ve seen you smile
But now you’ve come back again
Came into the room and you saw my girl
And you asked her how long it’s been
"A year" she said and you shook your head
Said "I’m surprised it’s gone on that long"
Baby, Baby, Baby Bitch
For words I am at a loss
Baby, Baby, Baby Bitch
I’m better now please fuck off
What else you gonna say while you’re back on your stay
Maybe something, maybe nothing, we’ll see
It’s just too bad, you’re beautiful I guess
I wasn’t for you and you weren’t for me
Baby, Baby, Baby Bitch
Please slip back into yourself
Baby, Baby, Baby Bitch
Go conquer someone else
People say, "How beautiful, how sweet, how kind"
You’re perfect, you’ve got nothing to hide
But I, for one, have seen the sun
And the bitch that you’ve locked up inside
Got fat, got angry, started hating myself
Wrote "Birthday Boy" for you babe
Now I’m skinny and sick and paranoid
Without a cent to my name
Baby, Baby, Baby Bitch
Fuck you, you stinkin’ ass ho
Most beauty I’ve seen
you come from a dream
But I can’t close my eyes anymore
No, I can’t close my eyes anymore

Those ones are killer lines that still haunt me. So much that never got said, and I still think of her every time I hear it. (same way I always flake, isn’t that J’s saying?)

-you fucked up/you really fucked up/you fucked up/you dicked me over/but now you’ll pay/you fucked up/aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
peace yall…uh hyu hyu! (sorry, don’t know where the hillbilly laugh came from [img]images/smiles/converted/dorky.gif[/img]

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