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Robert-that Waits song is a great song
Maxini-I like that VU song too
den buck and Maxini-Buddy And Julie Miller appear on a great album from last year by Jimmie Dale Gilmore-One Endless Night;it`s a really good album,you might already know about it,thought I`d mention it.They do a Townes Van Zandt song-No Lonesome Tune justice and a John Hiatt tune-Your Love Is My Rest with great guitar by Buddy.
Did anyone know that John Hiatt is a J fan?In a magazine there`s this ad for John Hiatt appearing on a radio show and picking some of his fav songs,it lists who he picked,one was Dinosaur Jr!I wonder what song he chose?
Allison,deffinitely get some Johnny Cash,I need to find a good collection by him of older stuff.I know you don`t like country music much but it`s not as bad as you think,it`s really good in it`s genuine form,not what Nashville puts out these days.