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Motorpsycho – Plan # 1

U Put too much slack on yr live wire
Saw too many thrills that killed yr desire
Too many nights that paled yr complexion
& made u a nigger in their conception of life

Motorpsycho – Sheer Profoundity

Anything I can dor for u, Sir?
Bet u’ve heard that all yr life
Of course its not yr fault
anything at all, Sir?
I’ve waited all my life, Sir
to waste my life for u, Sir
I cant take it no more

Anything I can do for u, Sir?
I wouldn’t have it any other way
I enjoy the pity in yr smile so well
Anything at all, Sir?
go ahead & patronise me
shove me around & critise me
I can’t take it no more

No More – No More
Anything I can do for u, Sir?