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Look at all the ministers,
they’re so sinister.
When they’re starting to float.
On the pond near the lake,
of the origami snake.
It is kept there by the meek,
with their plastic deductable knives.
I met the tax-man, he was searching
for the sister of his rubber wife.
They may ask them what
the counsil saw.
And the answer will never be me,
cuz I’m not grown
in such a sircular high-pitched tone.

Well, let us swing down the stream
of this low key diagnosed dream.
On the pants of the mayor
who constantly rants
of his mistress illiterate son.
And let us watch as the three
are eaten by one
gigantic inflatable sun.

So here I am, this is what I see,
but the reflection in the jewellers window
couldn’t be me.
No I wouldn’t think it was me.

The epeleptic ranger,
he was told the truth.
By a stranger wearing
aliminium shorts.
Isn’t he the guy on TV
who imitates the kings wife left vort?
Well, who could have known
the lightbulbs wouldn’t last.
I never thought pastry
could melt that fast.
So now I’m stuck here with these limes.
And the reporter said congress,
they won’t face up to their fines.
And as the vicker searches for
embedded shells.
The curtains of waxed lead
are being draped
around the burning marmelade shed.

So draw that fetus from it’s pocket
and plug it into the socket.
Of your motherly vein.
The oysters are selling out
their condos to live,
well they’re living in the pouring rain.

Do you still think this is me,
are these things what I see?
No, the reflections in the jewellers window
couldn’t be me.

The honest politician
is limping down honesty lane.
Throwing embargos at the people
who labelled him insane.
Though I’m one of them,
they are not me.
I guess that’s not for all of you to see.
The reflections could never be me.