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I remember
walking home
with my father from the station
hand in hand
and all alone
in silent frustration
and the words he said to me
drifting away, and away
just like a memory
a photograph in my fathers hand

I don’t wanna be…
faded skin
I don’t wanna fade out
I wanna fade in, I WANNA FADE IN.

An Ayrton Senna (cockney rhyming slang for ten english pounds, aka "a tenner") to anyone who can tell me where that little gem came from.


Daren’t go to the dentist
for fear of being
fucked while you’re asleep

and finally

I’ll try to
bring you round to
the way I think
and I’ll try to
be there when you’re sad
But I would die to
keep you off my back
No one’s house
nice if you’d just be there
watch the ground
it’s moving round
drunk, drunk again.

Answers on a post (card)