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Cathedrals by the Handsome Family

The cathedral in Cologne looks like a spaceship
like the hand of God falling from the sky
1000 stone carved saints hang like icicles
but icicles don`t take 1000 years to die
and everyone who ever worked on this cathedral
or even spent a moment walking by
everyone of us is swept away like breadcrumbs
what comfort does it bring soaring towers left behind?

There`s a fiberglass castle in Wisconsin
where kids race go karts around a moat
once we went up there in December
when every waterslide and fudge shop was closed
hoping to feel love under the icicles
all we did was drink in a empty bar
but stumbling drunk we crawled back to our motel room
and I fell against you and felt your beating heart

Snow was slowly falling on the ice machine
and the moon shone hazy thru the pines
but there were lounge chairs thrown into the empty pool
and a dog chained to a tree
barking at the sky