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B.E.I.P.-Bailter Space EP


She Talks To Rainbows-Ronnie Spector…featuring Joey Ramone on Bye Bye Baby and that oh so cool Thunders song You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory <img>

Radios Appear-Radio Birdman, double disc reissue with the bonus of the single Burn My Eye

!st Ramones reissue…someone actually traded this in, got it for eight bucks <img> The booklet alone is worth eight bucks <img>

The most thrilling thing…Hellacopters Cream Of The Crap and Radio Birdman reissue of Living Eyes will be in within the week…. <img> <img>


forgot…Wire-Chairs Missing with 3 bonus tracks, including the extended version of Outdoor Miner (2mins 54, originally 1min 44 <img> ) and a couple discs from a certain merge record site <img> Was a good music day yesterday!

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