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Yesterday was a nice day, I bought these albums and are still smiling:

The Microphones -The Glow Part 2
Amulet -Freedom Fighters
The Team Spirit -3 Chord Songs
Iggy Pop -Power And Freedom
Lambchop -Is a Woman
Barenaked Ladies -All Their Greatest Hits
Cato Salsa Experience -A Tip For A Good Time
Tweeterfriendly Music -Free Love & Flowers
Hello Goodbye -Heart Attack
Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks -Fried On The Altar Of Good Taste
Beezwax -Oh Tahoe
Johnny Cash -At Folsom Prison (spec.ed)
Mogwai -Kickingadeadpig
Sonic Youth presents all tomorrows parties 1.1
Hellcat Records -Give Em The Boot 3
Danko Jones -Born A Lion
Ruben Gonzalez -Chanchullo
Nils Petter Molvær -Remixed
Pizicato Five -Sister Freedom Tapes
Kim Hiortøy -Melke
Don Juan Dracula -Perfect Girl ep
Bigbang -Waxed
Cibo Matto -Super Relax