ha ha hullo, can anyone please tell me where J will be playing (specific venue necessary, please!) in portland, Maine, On july 27, i think??? i am so thrilled to see him perform again, first with a real band in atlanta for the 4th fest (getting my transport finalized this week for the journey south to see sludgie) and then to see j once more in my old stompin’ grounds back in the state of maine (oh J please do not be booked at the freakin’ civic center ppplease!) i gotta get tix immediately and make plans to crash w/ my brother in his little bit of heaven in the middle of the biggest most culturally advanced city in vacationland(ain’t sayin ‘ much as it’s a mere village with a baked bean factory plunked on the edge of the ocean, really)…someone, anyone ask J if he needs a place to stay in portland? there is room in my tent. all men, boys, or dogs welcome!!!