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Found this in a (free) Edinburgh paper (Metro):
J on the Mudhoney review:

"He (that’s J, in case you get confused <img> ) appears to be more concerned with the non-result of his recent review of Mudhoney in rock-monthly Mojo. ‘I never got paid. I thought I’d get like a free subscription or something. But nothing’"

Another cool quote:
‘I have never been skydiving. That’s just something the guy who wrote the press release made up to, I don’t know, be funny or something. I’m surprised people took it literally. People in Europe seemed so disappointed when I told them: "You mean your whole life is a lie?"’

The rest of the interview is just stuff we’ve all heard a hundred times before. There’s also the famous picture of the legend his fender and bob with: ‘A dog’s life: J Mascis’ next to it.
You’d have to be really stupid to make that up. <img>