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i caught the show in lawrence at the bottleneck.
i dont think i need to explain how much it rokkt.
i drove up there from springfield, mo ,with a couple
of girls. i saw the fog there about a year ago,
and that was my first live J experience. it was
obviously extremely loud, but unforgettable.
i could only tell what J was playing by watching his
fingers (i know how to play all of his stuff on the
guitar). i had waited over 10 years to see J. it was
surreal.i snuck up to his dressing room after to meet
him & mike & george. everyone was cool as hell.

anyway, about the acoustic show…
WOW!! J gets better & better. i watched him come
thru the ticket line w/ his girl & hang out.
when he finally came on i sat right in front of him
on the floor. of course a crowd soon got behind me.
he started out with the obvious (thumb, get me,
what else,blowin it…), did a couple of new tunes,
a killer same day. someone yelled for the lung.
J said, "the lung live, huh?" and laughed. then
went straight into the lung and striaght into
waistin without stopping. i got a few pics (which
i DIDNT get at the fog show), but havent got em
back yet. J let me get a pic w/HIM. (thank you!!)
it was an unbelievable experience for me as any
fan could imagine. J is truly the most unique artist
i have had the pleasure of having in my life.
i can only wait until the next time.