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Bucky Ramone

‘Dear 23’ is a great album as well, I think their later cd’s all had their very strong moments, but weren’t up to the same level as ‘Dear 23’ or ‘frosting…’. I just recently bought their box ‘At least at last, demos, live-recordings and whatnot 187 to 1998’ some amazing stuff on these cd’s as well (most amazing thing: a version of ‘Flavor of the month’ called ‘Oceanic Exploration’, recorded for some science-show on US TV…)

I like Buffalo Tom, a lot as well, at the moment ‘Sodajerk’ is blasting out of my speakers….
Great to hear that there is someone out there who has heard of Magnapop as well. I remember seeing them a couple of times in a very small club, both of the times guitarist Ruthie Morris left the stage after the gig with bleeding fingers (that’s ‘suffering for your art’ [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img] )
And Magnapop/’Thirteen’ is a great suggestion for my next ‘covers’-mix-cd, thanks!