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Howdy! I am new to this BBS and already I feel comfortable. Here goes a little lengthy joke:
A trucker died after one too many trips and went to the big rest stop north of us. One day, while on his daily rounds, an angel spotter the trucker sadly sitting on a gray cloud. "What’s wrong fellow?", asked the angel. " I’m lonely and miss my truck", said the trucker. Poof! The angel gave the trucker a brand new Mac. Still, our good buddy continued to frown. "Now what’s wrong?", inquired the angel. " Can’t do much without a trailer." cried the trucker. Shazam!! The angel conjured a trailer for our forlorn friend. Amazingly, the trucker continued his pouting. "I have given you a truck and trailer. What more can you possibly need to be satisfied?", exclaimed the angel. "I can’t do anything unless I have a load to move." replied the trucker. "What will it take to get one?", asked the angel. The trucker said, " a dispatcher." "Sorry," said the angel, "we don’t have any of those here."