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A man is eating his lunch at a resteraunt, when he notices that all of the waiters have a number of spoons in their shirt pocket. He asks one of them whats up and he replied "We had these efficiency experts come in, and they said that spoons are the most frequently dropped piece of silverware, so we carry a few clean spoons around so we don’t have to keep running back to the kitchens."
Sure enough, the man drops his spoon on the floor during the meal, and he is instantly given a clean one by a waiter. He notices that all of the waiters have a string hanging from the fly of their pants.
"Whats with the string" he asks the waiter
The waiter replied-"The efficiency experts decided we could save a few seconds when we go to the bathroom if we don’t have to touch ourselves, so when we go to the bathroom, we just tug on the string and we can go without touching ourselves."
" Thats great," the man replies, "but how do you get it back in"
"well, I don’t know about the other guys, but I use a few of these spoons"