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It seems everytime I go into my local music store the electronica section gets larger,in the last few years electronic music has made huge strides in popularity,alot of indie rockers putting away their guitars and trying something new.
I gave electronica a chance last year to see if I find it interesting,some of it`s ok but I don`t think I`ll be a raver soon;it`s good to listen to something diffrent but it`s not going to hit me over the head like jazz and punk/indie rock did to me.The first few years when I listened to jazz I was in a blissful state,the same when I got into punk/indie rock,happier than I had been in years,than after awhile it lost a little luster and I returned to normal,I still love jazz and punk/indie stuff but after awhile the ecstatic feeling ends and it just becomes music to you again;it`s what the band The New Year calls`When newness ends`;or "familarity breeds contempt" don`t remember where I heard that phrase.
I heard an interview with Fugazi`s Ian Mackaye a few months ago;he was asked the question about the guitar being dead or at least not viable anymore,he said no,guitar can be used in a million diffrent ways and it`s never going to be dead.
Do you really think blips or bleeps are going to replace the guitar?
If some people rather electronic music,that`s cool with me,but don`t think it`s going to take over.
For all we know in a few years there could be a indie resurgance,even though that seems unlikely.
I will keep giving the electronic music a try,I like to hear a mix of music anyway,so far I`ve heard some Mouse On Mars,Detachi,Pan Sonic,Jega,Kid 606,etc. and thanks to IndYglo for putting a Boards Of Canada concert on the ftp`s here.