J’s cover of Leaving On A Jet Plane was in Alison Anders’ film ‘Sugar Town’. When J sent me a cd with the demos for the new album he included a copy of this because I had asked him about it. It will not be on ‘More Light’ or the first single ‘Where’d You go’. I suspect it will show up as a b-side on the next single (hopefully).

I had it up for a while…. (long story I don’t want to get into again). I’ll if I can put up one or two more of the new tracks next time I talk to Ultimatum…

And yes it was an electric version. Pretty great song with a good bit of feedback and such but still not venturing too far from the original song structure.
I still think an earlier demo I had heard with J’s old management was a little more stripped down but I only got to hear it over the phone and my mind is playing tricks on me (homie)

(–> Jeremiah

Question of the week:
"Is DMX tone deaf?"
"Ya’ll goin’ make me lose my mind. Up in here. Up in here."

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