K7 Rides Again

All right kiddies, here’s the deal…
Show starts at nine…doors open??? $12 at the door…as long as you show up and pay, you get in.
Supposed to be a solo accoustic set for J w/ two bands opening. Talked to some friends, the area around the Grog shop is kind of campus like. Lots of shops, bars, resturaunts, etc. think I’m going up early and doing the Cleveland scene. Odd, it’s only 2 hours away and I’ve never been there! Anyways, I’ll try to get a pic up on the site so you all know who you’re looking for! If not, I’ll give you a description of what I’m wearing. Hope to see whoever there!
Peace, Kurtis [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]