Jasper, thank you so much for posting the link. It totally cracked me up! I was excited to hear that J might venture into the world of rap. I really like hip-hop music (I see no reason to limit my tastes) & "Missing Link" is one of my favorite Mascis projects as well as one of my favorite songs in general. I think the Judgment Night album was way ahead of its time. Mixing rock music with hip-hop beats works if you can find a good balance between the two. But if it lacks the lyrical richness of real hip-hop it ends up sounding like Limp Bizkit, and if it lacks good instrumental work it ends up sounding like that Puff Daddy recycled disco crap.

I feel sometimes like the media has drawn all these lines around & in between bands in order to decide what gets marketed to whom. In real life musicians are just all taking their part of "the big song" as Chris Robinson so eloquently put it on Vh1. If you have ears you are affected by what you hear, and I can’t think of any reason for bands not to mix it up & experiment with different styles & sounds that they’ve been exposed to.

Someone once said that there is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ music, only true or false music. I think that J is a true artist & I would be thrilled to hear him collaborate with frickin Britney Spears if it’s what he wanted to do.

All for now, folks-