The interview was pretty cool, definitely worth the pain of tuning in to much music.

They showed a couple of brief clips from the radio interview in Toronto..Same Day. Also showed a couple of live clips from the show in Toronto…Same Day & The Wagon. Interviewed all 3 but George just basically smiled and laughed thru the interview. Mascis talked about playing with GG Allin….quite the story….ick!!! Watt talked about his touring history…" I dig it I feel like a sailor". He also talked about his illness and thanked The Stooges for helping him thru that time….what a cool guy. They showed the address of Watts tour diary which was cool. Mascis was joking how his diary would be…"It would be about 2 sentences…uhhhh…oh yeah, went to wendy’s…got a baked…".

Rest of the show was ok, Bjork interview and Naardwar interviewing some old metal guy Thor…scary though they showed a couple of Metal Zombies…not a good thing.

Only beef is they didn’t show the address for freakscene.net…..bums!!!