chris c.

folks- lemme just say that i paid an arm and 2 legs for the advance copy of the album- i cant begin to describe it. i wont give away surprises but lemme just say that the song someone siad is probably the most amazing shit i have ever heard. imagine the best aspects of cant we move this, out there and the infamous puke and cry jam session from the hand it over tour— combine that and that describes the soaring 2 minute guitar solo. and hearing everybody lets me down not acoustic is a treat. i’ve seen him 5 times acoustic this year- literally from new orleans to northhampton and seeing him 2 nites again next week- but i’m telling you people this shit is sick. his drumming is out of control. bobbin, freedom, someone said and lets me down are amazing, even the slow jams are tight. how it’s gotta be is one of the best slow jams ever. enough said— see you in cambridge and northhampton