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Attended Friday’s (Nov. 17) J Mascis & the Fog show at the Troubadour. Threzor’s set list is dead on accurate. Definitely one of the best shows J has put on in Los Angeles. (My favorite is still the show Dinosaur Jr. put on at the Roxy in support of Dinosaur’s last album…just because J played drums during a song Mike Johnson sang and J is an amazing drummer) I was on the balcony for this show and it was loud. So loud the balcony was visibly vibrating. The place was packed to the girders. As noted by Threzor, Tim Meadows was there. Mike Watt was great. He did not blow any clams I could surmise. Watt is so animated. His legs were shaking throughout the show. During "More Light," he went to the back of the stage and stood behind Berz. Figured it was because it got so loud during that song. The songs off the new album sounded great. Sadly, the crowd was not that animated, especially in the balcony. Seems like only five of us in the balcony were really into it. I saw about 10 people in the balcony taking off before the encore. That was really fucked up, especially cause they played Freak Scene during the encore and I was so happy they played Freak Scene because I had never seen it performed live before (except in the documentary, "The Year that Punk Broke"). J’s guitar work was masterful. His vocals were pushed up a bit too far because there was a lot of fuzz on them. Nevertheless, great show all around.

Oh, here is a review of either Thursday or Friday’s show that appeared in the LA Times: http://www.calendarlive.com/top/1,1419,L-LATimes-Calendar-X!ArticleDetail-10987,00.html