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Hey Dimpfelmoser,

Glad you enjoyed the show, crowd was kinda lame….I mean tame….in Minneapolis as well. Quite the set list, gotta love covering tons of new ones and the classics…don’t think the crowd would forgive him if he didn’t play freakscene.

Being a huge Stooges fan I was over the top that they actually did some Stooges on this tour…I wore out a couple vinyl copies of Funhouse, thank god for the rhino box set…I was very happy with how they did the covers. The looseness (loose is a very cool tune)you talk of with the Stooges was definitely fueled by many excesses…not healthy ones thats for sure. When I saw them they did not play TV EYE tightly at all, I think George dropped the sticks at one point…what would Rock Action think…ahhh. Mascis played some shows over the summer in NYC playing just Stooges cover under the name Hellride East….I keep checking the digital club network site but no date for rebroadcast yet….god.

International Noise Conspiracy opened the show in Minneapolis, they were great fun definitely. I have to disagree about the sparkle being gone…new music, new times therefore new sparkle….I love it.But hey we can’t agree on everything, glad you enjoyed the show.