Anybody catch the live webcast I could not hook up with it…tried a few times but got zip. The chat was pretty cool, not many J fans there though, anyone here go on? I was the dumb*** typing the questions in the wrong spot initially….whoops don’t do many chat things god.

I think you could probably check out the transcript but here are a few things he answered

New single coming out in Europe soon…Waistin with B side of Leaving on a Jet Plane and a new tune he couldn’t remember the name of

Doesn’t know when the new anders film is coming out but likes acting but does not think he is very good at it

Might be a Vancouver date in the future

Has a song on the new anders movie..I think..soundtrack coming out next year but I can’t remember the name…god

No time off in Oz Work Work Work

They are playing with Asheton in Austin in March, did not answer about the following month though. Said Watt is still wearing the yellow Asheton shades.

Fav oz bands include Nick Cave/Bad Seeds, God and some other band…lost short term memory…ahhhh

Might release some live J Mascis & The Fog

Fav guitarists…Ron Asheton, Mick Jones, Keith Richards and ????

Had not heard of the promo related to Wayne Kramer guesting with him in Chicago…(nobody told Wayne Kramer about it either according to the message board at waynekramer.com)

Asked if he was still working on new material, he replied mostly concentrating on the tour now but has recorded some new stuff

Thats all I can remember,