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I own one of Allison Anders films, and I’m happy to hear that she is continuing on with her directing. However, I must say I was a bit shocked and bummed by your news above. I am working on my first screenplay and I am about 60 pages into it. I wrote in two cameos for J. Mascis, (which is something he would have to decide to do, far in the future from now, if it even goes). But what’s hard to swallow is that I didn’t know about her new film. Well, I’m 60 pages into my script and my main character’s love interest is named "Owen" and he’s a journalist. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Jesus, I thought I was being original. I was trying to use a name for the character that was a little bit unique that I haven’t heard used before. And the fact that he’s a journalist is even more coincidental. Well, props to her anyway and I guess I’ll be tweaking my story a bit.

Rock on J.

Los Angeles