Personally, I think this tour is especially loud. I saw J several times before and loved the shows – loud, but audible. This time, in Atlanta, it was so loud that even some people with earplugs were covering their ears at times. And, there was one song that neither my friend nor I could identify because it was so loud and distorted.

I love J and I love him loud, but I too wish this tour would have been a little less loud. I don’t want to HAVE to wear earplugs, but I think I will take a pair next time. I do know the show I saw this tour was in a smaller venue that the shows I saw before and I wonder if that had something to do with it, like he still has the volume on "big hall" or "outdoor festival".

Don’t get me wrong, I would rather see a too loud J concert than any other concert. His songs are just so beautiful that I would like to be able to appreciate them with less ear damage. Also, the melodies and lyrics can be so great and they just don’t come through at that volume.