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Thanks to <A>Dan Fryer</A> for the following info [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smile.gif[/img]

>In response to your request, I’ve found a way to record that J Mascis gig
>(which I attended!!! – fucking cool)

>Goto http://www.softseek.com and download a program called ASF recorder. http://softseek.zdnet.com/Utilities/Sound_and_Multimedia_Players_and_Utilities/D_48053_index.html

>Then goto the nme/virtuetv site and right click on 300k/dsl link, then click
>on properties.
>Copy the URL
>Open ASF recorder, goto file and new url
>Enter the URL from the streaming link and a ‘save as’ window appears. Save
>and in about 4-5 hours (56k modem) you will have the full concert in ASF

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