I have heard this complaint before about J/Dino live and I totally disagree. I have seen over 10 Dino/J shows in my life. About 3-4 acoustic and the rest electric. Maybe you should try to see J. unplugged; you don’t need earplugs and can understand lyrics and hear melodies better, but to me it pales in comparison. To me, Dinosaur Jr. is ear-splitting guitar rock. I am Dinosaur, You’re Living All Over Me, Bug era fan. Love the later Dino and the New J. is amazing. I dig the studio work, but crave the live show. My stereo can’t make my shirt bounce of my body like a live J. show can. I was at the Chicago show, it was great!! My ears are still ringing (I think it was the loudest Dino show I have ever been to), they should be back to normal when and if J. comes to Chicago again. Keep it loud!!!!!!!!!!!