thanks for the link to the J pics! i went to both shows in Seattle and they exceeded my expectations once again. i think i might be able to get a copy of the show at The Tractor. if i do, i would love to share it with the rest of the Mascis fans around the world, but not sure of how to convert the audio into a format to go onto the computer, nor care to learn (sorry). but i will gladly send a copy to "The Man In Charge" of the site. i will put up a post when i find out for sure…i’m keeping my fingers crossed!

oh ya- i looked at the other IN-STORE PERFORMANCE pictures from sonic boom records and i must say that the "INDIE" TIGHT TEE SHIRT TREND is about as pathetic as SPANDEX AND HAIRBANDS…just a new era of SHIT! i have no problem with buying clothes second hand, but buy the right damn size you wanna be hippies!
( i realize that this isn’t a new trend but just thought i would give my 2 cents )