Anthonyg, was that you in the corner next to the stairs with the junk clipped to your hat? I’m just hoping someone can get a copy of that show out there for all of us to enjoy. Friday’s show was so much better than the one I saw in March. Of course, I was in a much better spot this time…right next to the staircase, so I had a nice ledge to put my beer on. Of course, everyone else was always reaching in front of me to put their empty on there as well. I was very excited to see the guys from Cobra Verde setting up their instruments as J was getting ready…just KNEW it would rock…what a great moment when they busted out with J in That’s How it’s Gotta Be….and don’t even get me started on the Ammaring solo! I hope everyone else had a great time there as well.
My friend drove us down in his car, and we managed to get a great parking spot right on 27th. I guess he parked a few spots farther up than he thought, and you should’ve seen his face when his car wasn’t sitting where he thought it would be! Apparently I told him too much about my last experience in that neighborhood…