heh, yeah that earlier was me posting back to Wasco on the Watt list because he announced the show over there. flying cloud, I saw at least one taper setting up so hopefully someone will come forward with a recording of the gig—if not I’m sure they will play it again at future gigs. Some more about the show…the first band was some rock act with a female lead singer called Lo-Fi, it was kinda retro and kinda good. then Cobra Verde played—they were a little ragged, understandable because it’s first night of the tour and also they just replaced a guitarist on short notice (I think this might have been Jovan’s first show with the band), but they put a lot of heart into it anyway.
then J came on, wearing a T-shirt with a cow on it that must be really old or at least a long-running design, because I have a blouse and skirt from 1990 printed all over with the very same cow. I was sorry I hadn’t worn it! Although he played mostly the same songs he’s been doing, this show seemed more energetic than the one I saw a couple months back. Maybe it was just that the crowd was more pumped up having seen two rock bands open rather than one acoustic guy. near the end John and Mark came up and accompanied J as it had been announced they would do, which gave J a chance to cut loose on guitar for an extended period of time—Petkovic doesn’t play a very aggressive bass so there was nothing to get in J’s way and he just went on and on and on, ’twas great stuff especially for an old dino jr. fan like me, and the crowd was going wild. I think everybody expected more but J stopped and everyone left the stage. Then J came back and announced his shocking problem (earlier there seemed to be a lot of monitor trouble too–this club didn’t seem to have it together) and finished playing acoustic.
I was kind of expecting the CV guys to back J on one of the new album tracks so "Ammaring" was a pleasant surprise.
Oh yes, and people in Philadelphia are very nice…they share their cheese fries and stuff <img> lots of fun.