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<strong> i’ll post a longer show review tomorrow or so!</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>den Buck somehow got hold of a preview of that longer show review <img> <img> <img> :

> Tonight in Philly, J. Mascis kicks off tour with Cobra
> Verde. Of note, this year’s version of the Fog is
> Johnny (from CV) on bass and Mark (from CV) on drums
> supporting J. Should rock.

It did indeedy, I headed up to Philly Friday at the last minute and I just got back (I wuz taking my notes—but they were musical notes, haha!). One thing though, John n’ Mark only backed J. on one tune Friday night, though it was a long jam (on "Ammaring"). The show was mostly a J. solo show like he’s been doing all year, only with more
cuts from the new album worked in. Not sure if they were planning to jam on a few more tracks but had to cut it short due to technical difficulties, because J. said he was getting shocked when he tried to play electric and sing at the same time. Interestingly, Mark has quite the following up in Philly, there were about ten of us in the corner yelling, "Mark! Mark! Mark! Klein! Klein! Klein!" after J & co. left the stage. it was a trip.

– squeapler

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