Hi Dude-

Were you one of the guys I talked to last night? I also had a good time at the Annex. The crowd was kind of small though. J doesn’t seem to draw that big of a crowd in Madison for some reason. I had the opposite reaction to Cobra Verde – I thought they were great. I even bought the cd they were selling. At the beginning of Cobra Verde’s set J was wandering around and I got him to sign my flier to the show. J’s set list looked pretty similar to the one posted from the Columbus show. But he played more songs off of More Light. I saw someone grab the set list and another person taking pics, so hopefully they will be posted. Unlike the Chicago show I went to last December, J had an extra pedal which enabled him to play better and longer solos. Before a song began, he would play the chords which would serve as the background during his guitar solo. The pedal would digitally record these background chords and then replay them when it was solo time. It looked pretty neat. I should get one of those pedals for myself because it seems like an excellent way for someone who is playing alone to practice solos. The Stooges songs in the encore were Loose and then TV Eye. They kind of ran together so it did seem like one song. The only thing I disliked about the show is that I was stuck standing next to the drunkest, dumbest guy I’ve ever seen at a J show. This guy was a total prick. After one song he said to J, “hey, dude, you better clear your throatâ€