first, me and bob talked to john from cobra in front of the annex and he put us on the guest list, so cobra verde is the greatest opening band ever. im not gay but watching john smack his hips with the tamborin really turned me on. hell, there from ohio. i didnt know they had bands in ohio.

second, j kicked ass. and he did spit. right next to his set list and bottled water.

third, that druken ass jumped in front me during the stooges. that prick. and what the hell do you mean you don’t know that much about the stooges. buy funhouse and shut up you sick sad man.

fourth, madison sucks. ive driven up to WIS three times for shows and know body shows up. next time he should spend his weekend nights in chicago where people show up.

bob got the whole show on minidisc from the board, it sounds great and you can’t have it.

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!